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Meet the Team

Professor Ruben Canelo, Consultant in General and HPB Surgery​, Director of ASU 


Professor Canelo trained at the University of Hanover in Germany. He was Consultant HPB Surgeon at the University Clinical in Goettingen Germany, performing HPB and liver and kidney transplantation. He became a Consultant Transplant Surgeon and Professor of Surgery at Imperial College London, Where he performed PPB and Renal as well as pancreatic Transplantation Surgery. In Carlisle he developed an HPB Unit and became the Academic Director of Surgery and founded the Academic Surgical Unit in January 2017. Since July 2017, he is Honorary Professor of Surgery at UCLan University. His research interests are liver and pancreatic diseases. 


Mr Shafiq Rehman, ASU Coordinator


Joined the ASU from the start (January 2017) as the Coordinator of the Academic Surgical Unit. Following completion of basic surgical training he has completed two years full time research in Newcastle University. His speciality is Hepatopancreaticobiliary surgery and his ares of research interest is liver tumours. 

Mrs Bridget Hamilton, ASU Administrator


Bridget recently joined the ASU in February 2018 as the administrator for the ASU. She has an Economics degree from the University of Manchester and a PGCE from the University of Cumbria. She brings a wealth of event management and NHS administrative experience to the team helping to ensure the efficient running of the ASU.

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Faculty Members

Mr J. Auckland-Lewis – Management & Leadership

Mr M. Aung – Colorectal Surgeon

Miss A. Anwar - Obs and Gynae Consultant

Mr M. Bordenave – Urologist (CD)

Mrs S. Chhavi Srivastar

Mr P. Counter - Consultant ENT Surgeon

Mr R. Dharmarajan - Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr R. Eiffel – Vascular Surgeon

Mr Ainsworth- Ophthalmology Consultant

Mr I. Michalakis – Breast Surgeon

Mr J. Mom - Urologist Surgeon

Mr T. Smith - Consultant in Anaesthetics

Mr J. Wayman – UGI Surgeon (AMD)

Mr M Adnan - Clinical Research Fellow

Mr S. Ahmed -  Specialist Registrar

Mr N Chauhan - Specialist Registrar

Mr A Eiswawi - Specialist Registrar